Am I good enough to be a programmer?

Easy Software Developer - Am I good enough to be a programmer

“Am I good enough to be a programmer?”. That’s a question that I used to ask myself and that I’ve seen many people ask themselves in one way or another.

Many beginners think that they can’t possibly  become programmers because they don’t have the correct educational background, or they aren’t good at Maths, or the right age and so on. I’m here to tell you that even though having those things can give you an advantage they are not a guaranteed path to success when it comes to programming.

Early on my career I also fell prey to those beliefs. I was never (and probably never will be)  good at Maths even though I tried quite hard to be and that discouraged me to try and learn how to program because every person I spoke to would tell me that I needed to be good with Maths in order to have a chance at being a good programmer. Needless to say this made me put programming off for at least 2 years…until I just said “f-it, I’m gonna do it anyways” .

Here’s the kicker guys, the only thing that you need to do to be good at programming is to…program. It doesn’t matter how many Math degrees you have, how many programming books you read or which schools you went to. If you want to be a good programmer, you need to start writing code as soon as possible.

Start coding

Look guys, I won’t sugar coat it, coding is not easy, it’ll take time for you to learn it. You’ll have frustrating evenings with tricky bugs that make you wish you had never chosen to become a software developer, but if you stick with it and go through the hurdles, you’ll come out much stronger in the end.

You want to have those challenges because I assure you that you’ll never forget the way you solved that error that made you browse stackoverflow for hours looking for a solution and the next time it comes up you’ll be an expert at solving that problem.

So if you are thinking of learning how to code or you are having doubts about your own abilities to tackle this field, I’ll leave you with a comforting and truthful thought, you can do this if you simply put in the time. Don’t worry about how fast others are learning or worry if they are better than you or not, just put in the time and I guarantee you that you’ll get there!

Thanks for reading. 😀

NOTE: If by any chance you are stuck on a Vue.js application, leave a comment down below and I’ll try to help as much as I can.

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