Building Peakcaster: Part 1

What do we want to build?

My friend and I decided, after doing some research that we would like to build a tool to help podcasters create quick videos from their podcasts.

We saw that there are a few other companies out there doing something similar but we think that what we are building (Peakcaster) can bring something different to the market.

Peakcaster landing page screenshot
Peakcaster landing page

What have we built so far?

So far we have built our landing page over at in order to gauge how interested people are in the product.

We have also built part of our backend(we are hoping to release the first version by the end of March) and we are working on some of the main features of the app.

Development has been a bit slow because the both of us have been busy at work, but we are able to work on Peakcaster on nights and weekends. This gives us a good amount of time to get important features in the app.

What does it feel like right now?

Right now it still feels a bit like our pet project. The feedback we got from some big podcast hosts has made it feel more real. The people that have been leaving their emails on our page have made us realize that this can actually be a product.

These are the earliest days and it’s hard to see much progress. We are following our plan and trying to stick to a timeline to avoid giving up before launch…or letting the project sit idle.

What’s the next step?

The next step is to continue working on the core features and target that March release. Peakcaster has the potential to grab some market share so we need to really push for it.

We started this series of articles that we’ll share with the email list for Peakcaster , as well as the Easy Software Developer community over on Instagram. We want to keep everyone who is interested informed about what we are building.

Come back soon for the next update, which will come on Monday the 9th.

Thank you for reading.

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